Warner Media's HBO Max to be available on Android, Chromebook and Google Chromecast. Rich Warren, president of WarnerMedia Distribution, in a statement, said, "We are pleased to make HBO Max

Google has been working on its next Pixelbook for sometime, and the most recent report details a lot of the specs. Google is about to launch a new Chromebook series, and rather than call it the Pixelbook 2, it seems the company is going with Pixelbook Go. The reason behind the branding is that the f The original Pixelbook was beautiful, but a bit too expensive. The new Pixelbook Go takes a different approach. It starts at a more affordable $649, without sacrificing build quality or performance. Is this the first Google Chromebook that's actually worth buying? Want an awesome price on a Chromebo There’s very little about the Pixelbook we don’t like. It’s nimble, lovely to use and looks great, plus it’s speedy and not as pricey as predecessors. See more offers Nimble, lovely to use and great looking, the Pixelbook Go is speedy and has a battery that lasts all day. It might still be a bit mor The Google Pixelbook Go is one of the best examples we’ve seen of what a Chromebook can be. We tested this slim, solid, and fast Chromebook for 42 hours and enjoyed our experience, but the laptop finds itself in a tricky position in the broader laptop market. Our editors independently research, test

What is a Chromebook good for? It's a bare-bones, fast-starting laptop meant for people who do most of their computing (email, documents, etc.) using cloud services. A Chromebook is a bare-bones, cloud-based laptop running the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. If you think about how most peopl

21 Feb 2013 Google just announced the Chromebook Pixel, a device that was originally HBO GO and MAX GO Updates Include HDMI Out Support. 7 Abr 2016 HBO Go e mais: Oi anuncia serviço de streaming com conteúdo de diversos Aplicativos offline para o Chromebook/Chrome/ChromeOS. 29 Jul 2013 using a stripped-down version of Chrome OS, Google's Linux-based such as HBO Go and Hulu Plus, but the real killer feature is that more  Chrome OS / Chromebook – Making text larger. Updated November 2018. You can change your computer's screen resolution to make everything on the screen  


Tweet; Share; 0; Rumoured since the launch of the Chromecast, HBO GO has recently appeared on one of Google’s Chromecast pages.. The now removed HBO GO tile (image courtesy of Droid Life) Only weeks following the launch of Pandora and Hulu Plus support, the appearance of HBO GO in the lineup is a welcomed sight for subscribers of the premium cable channel. Get HBO your way. Learn how to stream all of HBO—the biggest shows, movies, specials, and documentaries, plus hundreds of kids titles—to your favorite devices today.